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Education for All

“Every child has the right to access quality education in an equal and child-friendly environment, allowing them to reach their fullest academic potential”

In many Thai school settings, classrooms are overcrowded, teachers are underqualified, rote learning takes priority over student-centred learning and pupils struggle to thrive without standardised curricula.  

A quality education unlocks countless opportunities for a child. Education must be inclusive, high quality and child-centred for inquisitive minds to truly thrive. Children attending school are less likely to fall victim to forced labour, trafficking, domestic abuse and criminal activity.

The Education for All Programme promotes inclusive, high quality education by empowering schools, training staff and teachers, developing curricula and supporting initiatives that put student welfare and achievement first. Student-centred approaches ensure that learning environments are accessible to all children, irrespective of disability, language barriers, learning difficulties and cultural background.

We believe that education is the key to reducing risks facing vulnerable children.

We support:

  • Projects that promote quality and inclusive education within the Thai education system or through non-formal education programmes
  • Projects that support student-centred learning environments with qualified staff that allow children of all ages, abilities and ethnicities to access quality education
  • Specialist schools that help children with disabilities access education with the support of specialist teachers, equipment and facilities to help them thrive
  • Projects that deliver vocational training to students of all ages
  • Projects that provide teacher and school staff training and curricula development

Featured Project:

Education for Blind and Visually Impaired Students, Chonburi Province

Chonburi Province, Thailand Children and young people with disabilities often find themselves excluded from social, educational and physical environments in Thai society. In Thailand, discrimination against people with disabilities is often rooted in Buddhist perceptions of disability linked to the belief in rebirth. Whilst, in modern Thai society, these negative attitudes are becoming less prevalent, we still see evidence of people with disabilities being excluded from opportunities and services.


Educational opportunities are improving and we support some fantastic schools and learning centres that allow disabled students to thrive. The School for the Blind in Chonburi province has provided specialist education for blind and visually impaired students for over thirty years.


Students learn to read and write using the Thai Braille language system and use specialist equipment and adapted learning materials to access information in Braille. As well as learning a standardised Ministry of Education curriculum, the students are taught vital life-skills that will enable them to lead independent lives. This includes learning mobility skills, like using a white cane to move around safely and independently.


In 2016, 102 students were enrolled in the School for the Blind, each one gaining the quality education and life-skills needed to go on to have careers and live independently and inclusively in Thai society.


Sponsor a Child

All of the school-aged children in our Child Sponsorship Programme are enrolled in full-time education.
To help a child to reach their fullest potential please visit our Child Sponsorship page today.