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Let's Make Room Update

In February we began work on the first building of the new safe house. Progress has moved quickly, with the boys’ dormitory, toilet block, and canteen buildings scheduled to be completed in July.

Since our initial Let’s Make Room appeal launched in 2014, the scope of the new Safe House project has expanded considerably.  While this has delayed the construction of the buildings themselves, the land was filled and levelled, electricity has been brought to the property and a self-contained sewage system is being installed. The additional work has provided the safe house with valuable infrastructure needed to improve the children’s quality of life.

With the infrastructure installed, work moved quickly to the new buildings. The boys’ dormitory, toilet block and canteen are almost 50% completed. The roof and walls have gone up on the boys’ dormitory, and the structure of the boys’ toilet block has been completed. The contractors are now just waiting for the roof tiles to continue the construction.

The children are getting excited about being able to move into their new home. It will provide a much needed space for them to live, study and play. The 90 children who call the safe house home will finally be able to move out of their cramped, three-bedroom home and into a place where they will have the space they need to thrive.

In June, we will be launching an appeal to finalise the funding for the girls’ dormitory and toilet block, and a wall to surround the property to ensure the children’s safety. Our hope is to have enough funding to start building immediately, enabling the children to move into their new home in the Autumn of 2017.

On behalf of Safe Child Thailand and all the children at the safe house who are benefitting from this new home, thank you!

We have re-opened our Let's Make Room appeal for 2017 to help push the building project towards completion.