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Safeguarding Statement from our CEO

Issued: 20th February 2018

As an organisation that works exclusively to protect and uphold the rights of the most disadvantaged children in Thailand, we are committed to having in place robust and stringent safeguarding policies. We have policies in place and are constantly striving to improve these so that they are appropriate for both the UK and Thailand. To that end we have both a Governance Committee and a Programmes Committee in place with representatives from both management and Trustees and they have a programme of work in place which includes:

•    Revision of our code of conduct for staff, trustees and accompanied donors of SCT visiting Thailand. 

•    An annual review of all our partner organisations to ensure they have acceptable standards of safeguarding in place, in order to receive continued funding. 

•    A review of staff induction processes to ensure that new staff and trustees fully understand our values and code of conduct and complete mandatory safeguarding training within the first few weeks of employment. 

•    A review of our whistleblowing policy and procedures to protect staff, trustees and partners who bring forward information and to encourage disclosure of inappropriate behaviours. 

In addition, and in light of the recent Oxfam sexual abuse cases that have come to light and their failure to fully disclose the extent of these abuses, we are taking the opportunity to further test and review our safeguarding standards. Finally, we are committed to reporting to appropriate authorities in full, any issues that arise that could affect the safety of those children and vulnerable adults we work for.

You can download a copy of our current Safeguarding Policy here

If you'd like to discuss any concerns you may have relating to child safeguarding directly, please feel free to contact me via phone on 0207 602 6203 or via email at

Adrian Hatch
CEO, Safe Child Thailand