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A new home built with your donations

We'd like to say a big thank you to everyone that supported our Let's Make Room campaign to rehouse 90 orphaned and abandoned migrant children on the Thailand - Myanmar border. The brand new home funded by your donations is almost ready for the children to move in.

On Saturday 11th November an opening ceremony was held with all of the children in attendance. The new home was blessed by monks - a Thai tradition believed to protect the home and its inhabitants, bringing good health and prosperity to all who reside and work there.

Safe Child Thailand were honoured to represent our donors at this momentous occasion for the charity. So, to everyone who supported our Let's Make Room campaign, originally launched in 2014, we want to pass on our thanks. The building project would not have been possible without your support.

The new Safe House will not only transform the lives of the children currently in residence, but will serve as a safe and comfortable refuge for many more migrant children entering Thailand from Myanmar in the future. Children that may otherwise be left open to multiple dangers in a foreign country.

At the Safe House the children will be cared for by a team dedicated to ensuring their welfare. Making sure the children are housed, bathed, sent to school and receive any medical attention they need.

Thank you once again and congratulations on this great achievement.