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Sponsor a child in Thailand

You can change a life from as little as 60p / 70¢ per day.

Our Child Sponsorship Programme enables you to make a direct impact upon the life of a vulnerable child in Thailand through support of our local partners on the ground.

You'll get to follow their progress in two annual updates and see the difference your support has made further afield in our regular newsletters.

By sponsoring a child you are able to ensure their continued access to adequate food and shelter, loving caregivers, quality education and vital healthcare. What's more, it's not just your Sponsored Child that will benefit from these facilities - your sponsorship in-turn supports the well-being of all of the children that share their home.

Where your money goes

90% of your sponsorship money goes to Thailand to benefit your Sponsored Child and their community.


Your support will help local communities to implement long-term social change projects that support Thailand's vulnerable children. You could support initiatives including: 

  • HIV/AIDS awareness and testing programmes
  • Increasing access to better health education 
  • Home-based support for struggling families
  • Child support helpline development
  • Training programmes

By investing in long-term solutions, we can help reduce the need for orphanages and institutions while improving access to basic rights for all young people in Thailand. 

Safe Child Thailand offer two types of Child Sponsorship:

  • Regular Child Sponsorship Programme - £18 or €21 monthly gift
  • Junior Sponsorship Programme as a gift for a child - £10 or €12 monthly gift

Please see the pages below for more information and become a sponsor today!

Sponsor or donate now

Child Sponsorship

Our regular Child Sponsorship enables you to make a positive impact by giving £18 or €21 per month. 

Junior Sponsorship

Help a child in your life to experience the joys of giving for just £10 or €12 per month.

One-off Gift

Can't sponsor today? Why not make a one-time gift to make a difference to vulnerable children in Thailand instead.