Will you help keep him safe?

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Will you help keep him safe?

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Did you know you can fundraise for us from the comfort of your bedroom?

With Facebook fundraisers, you can help protect children in Thailand, all in one click.

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Keeping Families Together

You help families earn the income that enables them to care for their children.
You help keep children safely in their family homes
You help keep children safe from trafficking and exploitation.
You fund a specialist school that helps children with disabilities access a life-transforming education.

Transform a child's life today

The difference you make

There are 1.3 million victims of child labour in Thailand.

Many, like Nimu, are unseen.

She has been working in a prawn-peeling factory to support her family since she was 10 years old.

Find out how your support has transformed her life.

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With your support we can build a Thailand where all children are listened to and protected from harm

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